India is the first country where the GEA Project launched its operations in 2016, with the objective of enhancing the country’s skills development efforts through the GEA Project’s innovative learning model. So far, the GEA Project has delivered over 10 workshops in Faridabad, Mahipalpur, Dwarka, and Mehrauli, impacting over 500 local students and teachers and establishing strong relationships with outstanding educational institutions, including Aggarwal College and Manav Rachna University in Faridabad.

Faridabad 2018

The GEA Project visited india for the 5th time, bringing a team of GEA Leaders to Aggarwal College and Manav Rachna International University in Faridabad (Delhi). Congratulations to our students for completing yet another exciting workshop in India!

Faridabad 2017

In August 2017 a group of 10 young professionals traveled from the United States to Faridabad, India, to lead the GEA project workshop with over 130 students at Aggarwal College Ballabgarh.

The focus of the workshop was to strengthen problem solving, teamwork, and presentation skills by addressing current global and national economic issues (e.g. India's goods and services tax and demonetization).

Mehrauli 2017

In January 2017 the GEA project went back to India to meet with the talented students of empower Pragati for the fourth GEA workshop in Asia!

Over 30 talented and highly motivated students joined gea leaders Aadil (Bombay), Rishi (San Francisco), Shreya & Vasudha (Boston) for five days of interactive and hands-on economics.

Team project topic: India's recent demonetization policy!

Dwarka 2016

In August 2016 the GEA Project traveled to India for the second time to deliver a five-day workshop in Dwarka, Delhi. GEA Project co-founders Federico & Howard, alongside with Project India champions Aadil Chitalwala and Rishi Chakraborty, led a workshop focused on practical economics learning, professional skills development, and intercultural relations. 

This GEA Workshop supported Empower Pragati's Retail & Life Skills students prepare for their transition from university to working life and secure jobs in the retail sector. 

Huge shout out to the talented Retail & Life Skills students of Empower Pragati and their organization for making such experience possible!

Mahipalpur 2016

In February 2016 the GEA Project team traveled to Mahipalpur, India, to meet talented students of the local community. The GEA Workshop addressed practical issues faced by the community, such as unemployment and education, and focused on the development of leadership, communication, and professional skills. All in the light of Economic Awareness and Youth Empowerment. Meet the students of Mahipalpur by clicking on the pictures in the gallery below.

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