“The GEA Project provided me with an unforgettable experience that I would encourage any young professional to participate in at least once. The weeks leading up to it were carefully planned and the workshop itself couldn't have been any smoother. 11/10!

“Initially I wasn't sure how much of an impact the workshop would make - but seeing it firsthand was very eye opening. I really enjoyed my experience and would like to expand my involvement next year as a Captain.”

“The GEA project is a formative experience. Two measurable outcomes evidence the success of the scheme only a few months after the end of a workshop. The first is the continued engagement of students from the local communities. The second is the continued involvement and excitement of all GEA Leaders and Captains."

“The GEA Project provided me with a rare opportunity to serve a local community, interact directly with students, and be inspired by them."

The GEA Project experience was amazing and very rewarding. I really enjoyed the classroom time with the students and was happy how much we were able to see around the community"

“Overall, it was a fantastic experience to be involved with the GEA Project and would highly recommend to anyone considering getting involved.”

“Great experience with GEA for the second year. Look forward to coming back next year.

“Great week in Kendari, really great buy-in from the university and all of the students to the GEA program curriculum. A great GEA leader team who all got along very well and had a lot of fun all week. As usual, another incredibly rewarding and worthwhile experience.”

Loved it! Couldn't imagine a better experience otherwise. All the team members are amazing.”

“The Kupang workshop was a fantastic experience where I grew as a teacher and person. As a young professional myself, I received strong mentorship from my fellow GEA leaders and captains. Overall, my experience was very positive.”

"The GEA experience was fantastic - well organized and very fulfilling."

"I thought the GEA Project was very well done... I found the experience to be very rewarding and would definitely participate again."

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